SCARF Model Discussion with special guest Jon Martin

Jen had the opportunity to sit down with Jon Martin, Director of Learning Experiences & Master Facilitator at the Neuroleadership Institute (NLI) to discuss the SCARF Model, a model involving five domains of human social experience. In this conversation, Jon explains the neuroscience research behind the model, provides examples of how this may manifest and impact our work and everyday lives and how we can use knowledge of these the five SCARF domains to better relate and interact with others.

Follow-up Interview: Using the Principles of Andragogy for Engaging and Supporting Programs with special guest Peter J. Pizzolongo

Peter Pizzolongo, President of Early Education Consulting answers a few questions about facilitating adult learning in training sessions. This conversation with Nicole is a follow-up from a recent virtual workshop Peter presented on the topic of using the principles of andragogy to support early childhood programs in Grow New Jersey Kids.

Understanding Implicit Bias with Ebonyse Mead, Ph.D.

Ebonyse Mead, Ph.D., President of the Educational Equity Institute and instructor at Georgia Southern and Winston Salem State Universities, shares her expertise on the topic of implicit bias in a conversation with Nicole Hylton, M.S., Project Coordinator for ECLI.  Dr. Mead discusses understanding what implicit bias is, how implicit biases can impact our interactions and relationships with others, and strategies and resources that will help us identify some of our own implicit biases.